Nutri-Tech Solutions

Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) are the world leaders in sustainable farming with over 300 products. 

Planted Passion Agriculture is Nutri-Tech Solutions Primary Distributor in Western Australia.

The NTS range combines cutting-edge technology with proven biological ‘essentials’ 

NTS foliar fertiliser range complements an emphasis on soil life stimulation, which includes composted fertilisers, microbial inoculums and powerhouse bio-promotants. 


Humates are now recognised as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture. They consist of humic and fulvic acid along with the raw humates (prehistoric plant matter) from which these powerful natural acids are derived. NTS has become a world leader in humate technology, having developed a product range which includes 9 humate options. The NTS humates are obtained from a super-active leonardite source. Leonardite is generally recognised as the “champagne” of humates. NTS has achieved extraordinary quality while maintaining exceptional cost competitiveness. Its safe to say that NTS has the best quality product at the best price of any company in the world.

Dry Mineral Fertilisers

Natural mineral fertilisers offer a soil-friendly substitute to harsh, salt fertilisers. The NTS range comprises a variety of unique, activated mineral products which can deliver a similar, but more sustainable response to the chemical alternative. Often, the NTS Dry Mineral Fertilisers have been ‘activated’ with biological synergists or boosted with humate-based uptake enhancers. Alternatively, they have been micronised to improve their performance in the soil.

Natural Soil Life & Plant Growth Promoters

This range features powerful, naturally-based plant and microbe promotants for optimum plant health. The ancient symbiotic relationship between plants and soil microbes has been largely decimated through modern-day agricultural practices, and it is now critical to re-establish the plant/microbe link. These fertilisers are designed to help rebuild and maintain that link, for the ongoing production of healthy, sustainable crops.

Triple Ten

A comprehensive range of crop specific liquid fertilisers representing state-of-the-art fusion – i.e. utilising the best of both worlds – conventional and organic. The Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) Range is a liquid fertiliser range combining a hot mix N-P-K blend, chelated trace elements and natural growth promotants. These natural growth promotants include fulvic acid, seaweed fertiliser and vitamins. The Triple Ten™ Range represents state-of-the-art fusion fertilising. Note: Our Triple Ten formulation is identical for all crop specific products (with the exception of Citrus-Tech Triple Ten™). The individual labels are related to different application rates and timings that are critical to the success of the product.

Nutri-Key Shuttle Range

This is our premier option for chelated trace minerals in liquid fertiliser form. We believe this unique mineral delivery technology provides the best nutrient uptake currently available. Here, a shuttle ligand delivers the mineral to the plant surface, deposits its lode and returns to a nanocluster to repeat the process. The efficiency is unparalleled, as is the fact that the mineral can now enter any part of the plant (the underside of the leaf, the top of the leaf or the stem).

Micronised Mineral Suspensions

It is now understood that plant availability of fertiliser is often a function of particle size – the smaller the particle, the more rapid the delivery of the nutrient to the plant.

NTS has specialised in the development of Micronised Mineral Suspensions (MMS) to supply high analysis, liquid mineral fertilisers to take advantage of this phenomenon. Leaf analysis often reveals specific deficiencies that are best addressed using just the missing mineral rather than unwanted tag-ons e.g. calcium without the nitrate addition or just magnesium without the sulfate addition. The MMS range is the perfect tool for precision nutrition.

Premium Liquids Range

The Premium Liquids range offers precision plant nutrition delivered in high-quality liquid fertiliser formulations, specifically designed to support Nutrition Farming® principles. This product range has been developed with 20 years’ experience in manufacturing fusion fertilisers – incorporating premium organic and inorganic inputs that are effective and user-friendly.


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