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Who We Are

Pak choy greenhouse grown Manjimup Western Australia farming agricultural products

Operating with a broad perspective and multi layered approach to improving plant health, soil life and crop return, Planted Passion Agriculture is here to help your crop thrive.

We are the second largest distributor of Nutri-Tech Solutions in Australia and we also import international products to assist farmers in Western Australia.

We have an extensive range of organic fertilisers, growth promotants, microbial stimulants, humates, fulvates, soil conditioners and much more.

We’re proud to be a part of the agricultural community; serving up products for use in broadacre, viticulture, cropping, livestock farming.

Additionally we grow and sell from our own farms, both found in Manjimup.

What We can do for you

Our goal is to improve nutrition from the soil up. 

We are here to discuss a personalised fertiliser program or agronomy operational plan for your business.

We’re committed to producing the highest-quality organic and sustainable agricultural products to regional and rural Western Australian farmers.

We work with biotech companies who have developed highly successful systems and products which aim to reduce chemical reliance, regenerate the soil and boost plant vitality.

Let’s work together

Planted Passion Agriculture specialise in sustainable, natural products and agronomy services.

We service each region of WA, whilst simultaneously focusing on each individual agricultural sector.

Professionals in diagnostics for problem areas, we create action plans for increasing yield and improving quality. Let’s maximise your profit while improving your sustainability.

Need help with soil analysis? We can organise an agronomy testing kits.

In addition to talking product available for sale, we’re also happy to talk about how and what we produce (seedlings and vegetable production) and which products we use to create our own great crops.

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