Oceana Minerals

Oceana is currently exporting to South America, Central America, Europe and Asia.

In 2022, they have partnered with Planted Passion to include distribution into the Australia market.

Oceana is a Brazilian Multinational Company formed in 2011 providing solutions from the sea to the field.

Its products have high porosity of structure, allowing quick dissociation of its nutrients. Oceana aims to provide solutions to increase crop production.

Algen Ultra

ALGEN ultra fine powder (32% Ca 2% Mg) is a 100% natural fertiliser from the Lithothamnium seaweed. It has a differentiated biological structure and balanced nutrients with high solubility.

Algen improves the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil, benefiting the nutrition of all crops.

  • 100% mineral and biological plant-based macro and micronutrients – 32% Ca, 2% Mg, Traces
  • Organic portion (5 to 7%) composed of amino acids, proteins, oligosaccharides, phenols, ether extract, omegas.
  • Soil conditioner, increasing the efficiency of NPK fertilisers
  • Provides nutrients that are rapidly absorbed plants.
  • Source of peculiar organic substances that act in the metabolism of plants
  • More vigorous and abundant roots
  • Increases soil biological activity
  • A porosity of 40% provides high surface and reaction area.
  • Greater tolerance to water stress

algen ultra Benefits

Provides soil and rhizosphere fertilizers microorganisms with:

  • Shelter
  • Organic nutrients
  • Bioavailable mineral nutrients
  • pH adequacy
  • Energy (sugars)
  • Stimulant substances
  • Moisture (water retention)

Better use by plants, especially phosphate fertilizers.

EXtraction and Production process

  1. Sustainable, conscious and compatible extraction with natural replacement. No extraction of live algae, only calcified and sedimented algae.
  2. Control and monitoring of marine life, protecting the environment against any possible impact.
  3. Raw material processing (drying, grinding, filling and storage of products) in accordance with high standards of quality, safety and technology.
  4. No manual contact. The production process preserves the physical, organic and nutritional properties present in the algae, ensuring product quality upon delivery.


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